Monday, 21 March 2011

So what happened was....

Hello Internet.

I've not posted in quite some time, but I promise not to be another failed Blogger, so here's a quick update.  I've been out of action for the last few weeks due to injury/Epic fail. 

Inspired by a short-cut provided by phone's GPS software, I managed chose a walking route which led me to a bit of a fall that resulted in having both ankles broken. I'll use this as opportunity to sate the obvious and let you know it hurt quite a lot.

The result of the injury had taken me away from lots of my day to day duties, In particular Dynamics CRM work.  So I'm afraid I've not had much to blog about in recent weeks. 

I'm sure to back into the swing of things very soon, and have plenty to share. I'll shortly begin working on a xRM solution with Dynamics CRM 2011 so any fun interesting finds, tricks or tips will be shared.

All the Best

Craig Hamer

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